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We believe that trust is paramount in a relationship. We do not own or sell your data, and we most certainly do not bank on advertising-based business models. The only way we make money is from the software license fees you pay us.

Why to Choose CRM

"Selecting a CRM streamlines workflows, and enhances customer relationships. It optimizes sales processes, boosts productivity, and scales business growth, ensuring a competitive edge in today's dynamic market landscape."

We made this Software to Solve your problems


Call Logging

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted

Lead, Task and Calender Management

Effortlessly document customer calls, ensuring a detailed history for improved customer relationships and informed decision-making.

Follow-Up Automation

Streamline operations with organized lead management, task tracking, and calendar integration for enhanced productivity.

Update Status & Reminder

Nurture customer relationships seamlessly with automated follow-ups, freeing your team to focus on meaningful interactions.

Setup Form Integration

Stay on top of tasks with real-time updates and automated reminders, fostering collaboration and meeting critical deadlines.

Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and analytics tools, gaining valuable insights for business optimization and success.

Multi-User Permissions

Empower collaboration with multi-user permissions in CRM, ensuring secure access and tailored roles for efficient team management."

Never miss out lead

Capture every opportunity with real-time lead tracking and notifications, ensuring you never miss a potential lead in your CRM.

Our support team is always here for you.

"Scaleup CRM assures unwavering support, ensuring your success at every step. Our dedicated team stands ready to assist, ensuring a seamless experience as you scale your business with us
  • 24/7 Support and Live Chat for continuous assistance and instant resolutions
  • Technical Guidance

Who Can Use Scaleup CRM ?

Sales Teams

Small Business

Marketing Team

Customer Service Teams

Analyze Your Leads with Scaleup CRM

Streamline lead management, track interactions, and gain insights to optimize conversions and drive business growth
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